Tan Madonnas' 2024 Surf Trip Essentials Packing List

Tan Madonnas' 2024 Surf Trip Essentials Packing List

Well lucky you, you're going on a surf trip! You've chosen the location, booked the perfect beach side villa, and are ready to start imagining all the perfect, thrilling waves you're going to catch. Planning a surf trip can be a bit stressful and the last thing we want is for you to travel to your dream surf destination unprepared. So Tan Madonnas' has prepared this thorough guide of all our favorite surf trip essentials for you to pack. After reading this, you'll be prepared for an epic surf experience!

1) Sunscreen - Amavara SPF 30 Reef Safe Sunscreen

As surfers, taking care of the ocean we play in should be our #1 priority. Our #2 should be taking care of ourselves, and that includes our skin. Amavara's sunscreen protects the ocean and our skin, definitely a favorite of ours!

2) Ding Repair - Solarez Epoxy Ding Repair

Accidents happen like bumping the reef or hitting something during travel. A small repair kit like this is your on-the-go solution for not missing any time surfing on your trip.

3) Surfboard Bag - Prolite Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Bag

We've used this bag to take our boards to Hawaii, El Salvador, and Mexico. Don't make your trip anymore stressful, get a board bag with wheels.

4) Surf Leash - Dakine Kaimana 6ft Leash

Don't overlook this item and bring an old or cheap leash on your surf trip. Make sure to get a quality, strong leash to handle the swell and waves of where you're going.

5) Conditioning Hair Mask - Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Mask

Ladies, if we're going on a trip and we're surfing 4-5+ hours a day, our hair is going to need some help. This hair mask is great for rejuvenating super salty beach hair. It's also cruelty free, vegan, and ethically sourced.

6) Surf Wax - Horny Toad Tropical Surf Wax

Reminder to buy the right surf wax for whatever water temperature you'll be surfing! It's also good to bring a good supply of your own as you never know if your destination will have a good supply of wax (especially if you're going somewhere more remote!). This is a local San Diego brand that we love!

7) Dry Bag - Aloha Bags Mid Pouch

Traveling around as a surfer means there's gonna be wet bikinis, wet towels, wet boards etc, so you'll want a dry bag to keep your essentials safe and protected from the elements!

8) Sunglasses - Crap Eyewear The Dream Casette

Beyond looking cool, sunglasses shield your eyes from the glaring sun and the reflection off the water. If you're going on a surf trip don't forget this necessary item. We love these ones because they're a local California brand and made from biodegradable, plant-based materials.

9) Leave In Conditioner - Zilly Conditioning Hair Spritz

More help for our hair after surfing all day. This is a necessary product for daily maintenance.

10) Surf Swimwear - Tan Madonnas' Abigail One Piece

If you wanna have fun surfing AND look cute while doing it, make sure you grab a swimsuit designed for surfing. One pieces are a great option that provide coverage and sun protection. The Abigail One Piece provides support and has cheeky coverage for you to get your tan on!

11) Towel/Pareo - Eha Culture Beach Blanket

You can never have too many towels on a surf trip. Great for lounging at the beach, stuffing your board bag for protection, and using as a cover-up, a quality and cute towel will get so many uses on your trip.

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