Our Mission

Born from an unhinged love of surfing and being out in the water, Tan Madonnas is a surf brand based in San Diego, California that encourages women to get out of their comfort zone and have more fun with their surfing.

“Since my dad taught me to surf as a kid, I’ve grown up loving everything about surfing. The connection it brings to the ocean, paddling through glassy water, and just being perfectly in tune with nature when you’re riding a wave. It’s such a fun and thrilling activity. In San Diego, there is a very strong surf culture, full of very inspiring and fearless female surfers. I started Tan Madonna’s because there weren’t any women’s surf brands that truly allowed women to have fun with surfing and be their true authentic selves. While I don't have a background in fashion I have a deep passion for surfing and creating a great swimsuit. Every thing from Tan Madonna's is something I would and have tested myself for surfing.” - Patricia, Founder

Where other brands focus on being polished, tuned to perfection, and being sexy, Tan Madonnas embraces imperfection, making mistakes, and living in the moment.




Supporting our women’s surf community also means supporting our environment. Since the ocean is our playground, we make every business decision with the planet in mind. Our Spring 23 line and all future collections are constructed from Carvico ECONYL and Repreve, 2 sustainable fabrics that are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. Other elements of our production line are eco-friendly as well, from using recycled packaging materials to implementing digital sampling to cut down fabric waste.

Surfing is our passion and taking care of the beautiful environment that gives us this activity will always be a core pillar of our values.